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The 20 Themes Challenge Community

paint by numbers

20 Themes
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Welcome to the 20 Themes community!

The 20 themes fanfic and fanart challenge was originally conceived by Japanese fandoms, in which fans create a set of 20 or more themes for a series/fandom or character or pairing. The idea is to write/draw a fic/fanart for each theme in a set, finishing all 20 themes, but few actually manage it. *koff*

The 20 themes challenge began in the animanga fandom, but I would love to see it spread to, say, Western media fandom. It's too interesting to pass up -- and there's no such thing as too many fannish challenges.

This community is for the posting of the following:
  1. A set of 20 themes, to which more than one person has contributed. Collective participation is the key here, people.

  2. Translations of existing 20 themes challenges in Japanese fandoms (like this one).

  3. Calls for contributions to a set of themes in the making. The actual planning and nitty-gritty work should be done in a post in your own journal (example), not in the community itself. My apologies.

When you have completed a work based on a theme, please feel free post it to 20answers, a fic and fanart-only sister community. You're also encouraged to link to it in a comment to the challenge post, to make it easier for visitors to find your work. If ever a challenger should finish all 20 themes, he or she will win the people's ovation forever. *g*

All fandoms, characters, and pairings are welcome.

quixotic_sense is your moderator. She can generally be found in front of her computer, or eating small woodland animals.